December 2016

December 21th.

  •  Updated rewards system to get “Striker Emblems” much faster.
January 2017

Late January.

  •  New drifting system
  • Physics tweaking, smoother control
  • New Car
  • Tracks revision
  • New rewards system
  • Bug fixing
  • CrowdPatching poll result
  • Still working on…

Further Development:When you choose what is next

What's it?

  • New or Upgrade Cars
  • New Tracks/Sceneries
  • New Skills
  • New Weapons

What can be changed?

Motor Strike: Immortal legends is designed with scalability in mind. The release of the game is just the first step of an extended development (without any extra cost for the players) where the gamer and the developer meet and go together. These interactions will mainly define what is going to be in the future patches, including content, gameplay or even new game modes.

What are the Social Paths?

The development is designed with multiple paths in mind, in order to succeed. These paths define how the player and the developer will communicate with each other.

There are some planned ways to achieve this, and anyone is warmly invited to suggest new paths, and we will thoroughly review all of them to check their viability. Following are the main paths that we intend to develop at first:


When the options and decisions are taken with the direct collaboration of the players.

Network Challenges

Challenges that can end with funny features or decisions using the social networks.

[Coming Soon]

Developers (Traditional way)

Our own ideas and decisions.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the key to Social Development. Our goal is to progress from the plans executed and with you help keep the game growing towards a better entertainment experience

If you have any ideas or suggestions we will love to hear them or visit the contact section