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The content in this beta will be soon available for free in PS4 (with a patch) if you want the game in PC support us in our upcoming Steam Greenlight Campaign.

BETA Will be Open the Next Weeks

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New Features for the Titan Strike patch for PS4 and Steam Greenlight:

  1. New Game Modes Titan Strike, you will fight in five different races where you will need to destroy the Enemy Titan. Colossus from other ages that weren’t finished, now all the people want to bring them alive. Be fast, and of course keep your enemies Titan death At all cost!!
    1. Destroy the enemy Dreadnought, powerful suborbital defense spaceship designed to protect others. It only weak spot is that they are awful defending itself, so keep this in mind and obliterate them with a rain of missiles!!
    2. They say that the geniuses leave their legacy, this statement was never more true the devices of Prometheus are still as valid as the day they were made. But be careful he also knew how to protect them! Now you have to run with the prototype aegis shield generator before the defenses kill you!
    3. The Aegis shields are up, just keep shooting to destroy it. Do it before your enemy!
    4. The Muramasa Combat Drone Station, was abandoned long ago, but it still have a few operative combat drones, be fast and introduce your activation codes, do it fast!! not much are left and you will need them!
    5. The moment of Truth , destroy the enemy Titan and make its core vulnerable. This cores are called “Tesseract” and is the key element of the Titans without it, they are just a huge pile of garbage. Be fast and ensure to annihilate it!
  2. Visual Improvements, Scenery rework, new VFX…
  3. Physics full review to make them more responsive
  4. Included cars profiles with different ways of handling them. Now you can play with your favorite car in a different way!
  5. New Weapon. There is something better than a Gatling?… Yes a Double one!!
  6. Customization matches, now you can select where to run you Cups or Titan Strikes
  7. New drifting system , now you can go faster !!
  8. And many other things!!

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Image of Titan Strike Beta Controllers
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