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 Coming out for PS4 December 15th Europe, December 16th America!

Screenshoot of Motor Strike
4 Screenshoot of Motor Strike
Screenshoot of Motor Strike


Fast paced action-racing game  for PS4 where you will fight with your team in a non-stop bullet and nitro race to reach the winning score before your adversaries. Compete against your friends in a frenzied battle that mixes action and driving as you’ve never seen before!

The Winning Path

  • Rush

    Speed is key to winning, not just velocity but mental quickness

  • Clash

    Keep your way clear, remember to be the one in the race

  • Bash

    Play with your team, build strategy, use skills and wipe your rivals


  • 6 Different Weapons to choose from
  • Guided Missile / Countermeasure system
  • Stats for each car
  • Strike Back: do you hate the guys behind you?  Check this out!
Screenshoot of Motor Strike



  • Non stop nitro, “Was that a curve?” -Last words
  • Fast pace tracks
  • Destroyable environments
  • A hook, feel like Spiderman!
Screenshoot of Motor Strike

Key Points

Long lasting content

Up to 24 Different tracks in 6 enviroments, or 14 cars.

Funny Inspired Cars

Each one inspired in a different icon, can you recognise them?

3 Dexterities Trees

Customize your gameplay style with the offensive, defensive or specialist trees.

Different Race Styles

Jump into a fast race, or compite in a 4 race event!

Online Mode

Up to 6 players in an intense race experience

Car X-Plorer Image

Non Stop Energy skill system

Skills system based on  energy regeneration, as many RPGs. Just use what you want … wisely

Gameplay inspired in MOBAs

Be fast, have a strategy, stick to it and… improvise if needed

Team Points Winning System

Team points are the winning condition.  Multiple ways to achieve it.

Race Lead Challenge System

No more penalties for being the fastest driver. But you will have to deal with the Minions. Farm them for your advantage.

Up to 4 Players Split Screen

Screenshoot of Motor Strike

Interactive GamePlay

Taste the game with the interactive gameplay.

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Further Content

CrowdPatching, suggest, inspire, Patch!

When the community builds the game it wants

Screenshoot of Motor Strike